CONGRATULATIONS to the Dance Connection Family for your success and star power at competition. We are so proud of our extremely talented and well-rounded Dancers/Singers/Actors/Tumblers, Directors, Choreographers & Teachers! We appreciate your dedication & commitment to Dance Connection!


Access Broadway 2018 Competition Recap:


**Judges Trophy for Best Dance School**


8 Broadway Stars:

Bialy, Clap Snap, Orange Colored Sky, Danielle, Becca, Georgia, Audrey, Clara

(Overall Judges Awards for ‘Best of the Best’ in Vocals, Acting and Dancing)


All Star Title Winner for Best Diva Vocalist = Gabrielle Slezak


42 Broadway Star Nominations

24 Divisional High Score/ 1st Place Awards

7 Overall 1st place Trophies

42 Overall Awards for 1-8th Places




*For earning BEST DANCE STUDIO 2 years in a row!

*For being the best you can be and representing Dance Connection in a positive way!

We are all so very proud of you!


**Check out our display at the studio of awards, pictures and results from our competition students’ accomplishments.